Technology to support retrieval practice

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This course by Emma Ireland and Louise McIntyre from The Manchester College explores the use of digital tools to maximise retention and retrieval of information across all levels and curriculum areas.


Recommended reading:


Watch the video introduction to this course

Benefits of retrieval practice

In the next video, Emma Ireland discusses Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve and the benefits of Retrieval Practice.


Watch the video and answer the questions on the slides. You can pause the video to give yourself time to consider your answers.


Watch the video then explore the following digital tools for creating flashcards:

– Anki

Why does Louise recommend Brainscape?

Multiple choice questions and quizzing

Watch the videos above then explore the following digital tools for creating questions and quizzes:

– Quizlet
– Wordwall
– Quizziz
– Kahoot!
– Microsoft Forms

Why does Louise recommend Microsoft Forms? What features make it an effective tool for teachers and students?

Retrieval grids and brain dumps

Watch the video on retrieval grids and brain dumps.


Watch the final video. Press pause to give yourself time to reflect on the questions.

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Course feedback and certificate

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