Microsoft Teams for PowerPoints at Bury College

Experiment title:  Recording practical / presentation assessments using Microsoft Teams


Intent:  Additional security measures have limited the use of USB type storage devices so an alternative method of recording learner assessments such as presentations / interviews and indoor practical assessments was needed.


Implementation:   Using the ‘Meet Now’ facility within Microsoft Teams gives staff the opportunity to record audio or (with a webcam if you are using a laptop) video of learner assessments.  This recording is saved automatically and directly to the user’s OneDrive.  This can then easily be shared with learners so they can use the recordings for self-evaluation afterwards.


Impact:  Learners found the videos useful as they found that they had not taken sufficient notes during the verbal feedback at the end of the assessment.  The ability to watch themselves also led them to be self-critical and pick up on personal traits that were not mentioned by the tutor.  


Next Steps:   Expand the usage to include outdoor practical activities using mobile devices, both by students and by tutors.