Reflections on supported experiments

Supported experiments at The Manchester College

In this video, Stacey Foy (Digital and Blended Learning Champion at The Manchester College), reflects on lessons learned from undertaking supported experiments.

The link between DBLC and Management

In this video, James Brabin and Jim Parker discuss supported experiments and their impact at Wigan and Leigh College.

Supported experiments at Trafford College Group

Alison Magee (Digital and Blended Learning Champion at Trafford College Group), shares her insights on quality and digital and blended learning in two short videos.

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Digital Developments: an update from Bolton College

In this video, Catherine Langstreth and Davina Polding from Bolton College share an update on the GM DBLC projects.

Reflections from Tameside College

Paul Mather, Digital and Blended Learning Chamption for Tameside College, reflects on what he has learned.

Learning Points from supported experiments at Hopwood Hall College

Helen Green (Hopwood Hall College) shares what she has learned as a Digital and Blended Learning Champion.

Reflections from Oldham College

In this video, Eve Sheppard and Stacey Salt, Digital and Blended Learning Champions at Oldham College, reflect on the impact of their supported experiments.

Accessibility and Inclusion

In this video, Roger Clegg (Director of Quality) talks to Digital and Blended Learning Champions Eve Sheppard and Stacey Salt about the impact of their supported experiments on accessibility and digital inclusion.