English and maths

Voice-over videos to engage learners

In this video, Tariq Khan from The Manchester College explains how he produced voiceover videos to engage ESOL E1 learners.

Watch an example

“Where possible, the videos are shared one or two weeks in advance so that the students can go into their lessons feeling better prepared. The timing of introducing these videos to the students is key. It is important that the pedagogical approach is considered before the tool to elicit learning. If you use it at the appropriate time, it has a lot more impact”

Tariq Khan, ESOL Tutor, The Manchester College

Conversation with Mahtab

In this video, Stacey Foy (Digital and Blended Learning Champion, The Manchester College) speaks to Mahtab, an ESOL student, about the impact of Tariq Khan’s voice-over videos on her learning.

Student interviews

In this video, Stacey Foy (Digital and Blended Learning Champion at The Manchester College) asks learners about their experiences of using Microsoft Teams and OneNote.

Use of Wakelet in ESOL

In this video, Kasia Korseniowska (Bolton College), explains how she is using Wakelet with ESOL.

See an example of a Wakelet for Entry 3 ESOL 

Tools for online speaking and listening

In this video, Eve Sheppard, an ESOL tutor and Digital and Blended Learning Champion at Oldham College, shares her experiences of using BookWidgets and Google Classroom to support students’ development of speaking and listening skills, online.

In this video, Entry 2 ESOL students at Oldham College talk about their experiences of online learning.

In this video, a Level 1 ESOL vocational learner at Oldham College talks about the impact of supported experiments on their learning.

Using Microsoft Forms and Teams to support listening competencies

In this video, Suad Kelkal from The Manchester College explains how she has used Microsoft Teams and Forms to help ESOL learners develop listening competencies.

“I knew using MS Forms would be a great tool to start with because students are already familiar with the set up. The overall experience was positive. I noticed they were happy that they could do it on their mobile phones and they particularly liked the fact that they could complete it quickly and get instant feedback. For me, it was something very easy to set up and distribute to students. The forms were originally a worksheet that I would have given out and it meant I can save on photocopying and marking.”

– Suad Kelkal, Tutor, The Manchester College


“I liked it because it was easy. I can do it anywhere. Technology is great and I love doing English quizzes.”

-Diaa Aiar (student)

Using Flipgrid in ESOL

Saima Hanif (Hopwood Hall College) shares her experience of using FlipGrid for teaching, learning and assessment.

Effective classroom questioning techniques

In this video, Julie Milner (Trafford College Group), shares her experiences of using digital tools to question students.

“I started using Triptico more in my lessons, particularly the Connections activity. I find it’s great for teaching, reinforcing and revising vocab + concepts. I can add more probing questions as well as the questions, meaning students can answer at different levels.”
“Students are involved in the whole lesson and it brings an aspect of competition. I’ve seen students more keen to take part in lessons and handing in homework more regularly.”

– Julie Milner, ESOL Lecturer and Teaching Learning and Innovation Practitioner, Trafford College Group

Engaging learners in a VLE

In this video, Chris Wilde (Salford City College), showcases some of the recent good practice in using VLE as a landing page for improved engagement with blended learning.

Video tagging software

Paul Mather (Digital and Blended Learning Champion) explains how NACSport is being used to enhance teaching, learning and assessment at Tameside College.

Supported experiments

This video provides a walkthrough of some of the supported experiments at Salford City College, including Functional and GCSE English and Maths.