Digital skills

MS Office – Digital Skill development

In this video, Rhiannon Hayes from Wigan and Leigh College explains how Microsoft Learn is up-skilling staff.

As one of the most commonly used software packages across the globe, employers in a variety of industries expect candidates to be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and it’s related applications. These technologies are deployed within the college environment, but a number of skills gaps exist amongst learners when using key software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. This supported experiment seeks to identify the impact of digital skills development relating to the Microsoft Office suite of applications, in relation to developing learner confidence, employability and quality of work produced.

Improving the Digital Skills of Learners at Bury College

The aim of this experiment was to improve the digital skills of learners  in order to prepare them with the skills to access college systems and be ready for work environments.  All learners now have access to resources in Canvas that provide them with the skills to use college systems.