Canvas Student and Tutor Apps at Bury College

Canvas for students

Canvas for teachers

Experiment title: Canvas Student and Tutor Apps


Intent:  To allow all learners to be able to access their course/study programme resources, assignments, feedback, grades, announcements and emails directly from their mobile devices using the Canvas app.


Implementation:   All learners during their college and subject inductions are expected to download the Canvas Student App onto their mobile devices.  This will require them to authenticate using their Bury College email address and password as all platforms are linked using single sign on (SSO).  Once achieved, learners configure their notifications and alerts, have full access to each of their Canvas courses.


Impact:  Due to the college-wide use of Canvas across all curriculum areas, learners can be assured that they can have up to date access to course resources through their Canvas Student App, be kept informed of updates and changes and be communicated with through the announcements and inbox facility.  This has ensured that learners’ development and progress tracking is current and inline with college requirements and expectations.