Planet eStream and Bury College

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Bury College and Planet eStream

Planet eStream was chosen as an interactive media platform to complement existing integrated blended learning approaches to curriculum delivery.  Pre-Covid lockdown, we were building an eLearning strategy utilising our Canvas VLE and Office 365 applications to help to encourage staff to deliver subject resources using distance learning as the foundation.  With the onset of the Covid related lockdown, and the imminent changes to delivery models, a decision was made to introduce an additional facet to the digital toolkit for tutors and learners in the form of Planet eStream.

What is Planet eStream?

Planet eStream is a media platform for education comprised of a variety of (selectable) modules designed to enhance an educational centre’s curriculum delivery more interactively.  Fully integrated into the College’s network infrastructure using single sign on (SSO) and Canvas VLE, we selected the full Video on Demand, TV Connect and Digital Signage modules.

Impact on Teaching, Learning and Assessment

In addition to the suite of TLA features in Canvas and Office 365, Planet eStream armed the college’s staff and students with an additional interactive media toolkit including

  • TV recording, saving and chapterising of TV programme and film content.
  • Interactive quizzes built into videos and film segments to promote learning and assessment.
  • Recording of learners’ practical assessment sessions, uploaded to Canvas assignments.
  • Video editing facilities to create bite-size TLA resources.
  • Onscreen video recording to educate, promote, encourage, direct, teach across all subject areas.

Encouraging and promoting digital skills, knowledge and confidence for staff and students throughout their learning journey.  Promoting sustainability through the active encouragement of online submission for all learner assessments, saving valuable physical resources, time effort, improving organisation and streamlining administrative load.

Adrian Emerson

Project Lead

Adrian Emerson

Digital Learning Manager

Bury College

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