English, Maths & Digital Skills

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These underpinning skills are fundamental to the success of students at all levels and a key area of focus for all teachers and curriculum managers. Our English, maths and digital skills project has been developed from a number of key projects and our wider collaborative work as part of the English and maths T level Regional Improvement Project. Working across the wider community of FE colleges, building on existing and emerging good practice from our GM colleges and the wider networks of colleges nationally to develop and improve the delivery of English, maths and digital.

English, Maths & Digital Skills
English, Maths & Digital Skills

Currently, as part of our CCF project, we are working with technology developer, Century Learning to improve and develop the use of their online platform to support the delivery of English and maths across and within the curriculum. Initially developed to support independent learning in schools, we are working closely with Century to consider further development and potential for Century to provide a high quality online learning tool for to the diverse needs of students across our college communities.

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EdTech Joy Podcast

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EdTech Guru Stacey Foy from The Manchester College has produced a series of podcasts focusing on different aspects of EdTech in English, Maths and other subject areas. Listen now.

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Project Lead

Stacey Ann Foy

Digital and Blended Learning Champion
The Manchester College

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