Using OneNote to creating a work portfolio at Bury College

Experiment title: Using OneNote to creating a work portfolio to capture learning and to produce revision materials. (IT)


Intent:  To provide learners with a digital notebook that can be used to organise notes, worksheets and feedback. To improve organisation of notes for revision purpose particularly in exam units. 



  • A wide range of learning resources to be put into the content library of a OneNote Class Notebook.
  • Learners are added to the Notebook and given sections where they can store their own work.
  • Completion of tasks are monitored regularly by the tutor.
  • Learners are able to access learning resources both in and out of college using desktop PCs, Laptops, mobile phones, tablets and games consoles.



  • Learners absent due to Covid and other reasons were able to work from home – one learner in the group with 40% attendance achieved distinction when he came in and sat a mock assessment.
  • Learners were able to finish off work at home. 
  • Most learners engaged and completed all tasks. The ‘open’ nature of knowing the tutor has access to the notebook might have been an encouragement.
  • Informed after mock assessment reviews could be completed with learners. 


Next Steps:  

  • Attempt to incorporate group work activities within the OneNote delivery.