Oldham College

Tools for online speaking and listening

In this video, Eve Sheppard, an ESOL tutor and Digital and Blended Learning Champion at Oldham College, shares her experiences of using BookWidgets and Google Classroom to support students’ development of speaking and listening skills, online.

Reflections from Oldham College

In this video, Eve Sheppard and Stacey Salt, Digital and Blended Learning Champions at Oldham College, reflect on the impact of their supported experiments.

Accessibility and Inclusion

In this video, Roger Clegg (Director of Quality) talks to Digital and Blended Learning Champions Eve Sheppard and Stacey Salt about the impact of their supported experiments on accessibility and digital inclusion.

Learner voice

In this video, Entry 2 ESOL students at Oldham College talk about their experiences of online learning.

In this video, a Level 1 ESOL vocational learner at Oldham College talks about the impact of supported experiments on their learning.