Learner Video Assessment at Bury College

Experiment title:  Using Planet eStream as a platform to assess learner performance in applying skills and knowledge. (Canvas Formative and Summative Assessment)


Intent:   Many vocational courses contain units and learning outcomes that require learners to demonstrate their application of skills and knowledge in a vocational, competence-based context.  In an effort not to disadvantage learners from achieving (higher grading criteria) the holistic approach to assessment can be enhanced through the use of video assessment.  This also negates the requirement for lengthy paper-based assessment many learners find time-consuming and unnecessary.


Implementation:    All learners have access to the Planet eStream web-based platform either through a laptop or desktop PC, but importantly through an app.  Once a learner has devised the optimum way to demonstrate their skills and knowledge (based on the assignment brief) they can video their performance on their mobile device, upload to Planet eStream, and when happy with the outcome, can upload to the appropriate Canvas assignment as assessment evidence.


Impact:   Learners can be confident that their skills and knowledge can be fully represented in video (and audio) format.  Tutors can fully examine the video assessment of each learner and be confident that the application of skills demonstrated can help  determine the achievement.


Next Steps:   To facilitate a system of equality and diversity of assessment, there must be equal opportunities for all learners to be assessed using fair (holistic) methods, which includes access to the technology.