An introduction to digital literacies for teaching and learning

Welcome to this EdTech course on Digital Literacies for teaching and learning

Digital literacy skills have risen to the top of many agendas in post-pandemic teaching and learning settings. But exactly what are digital literacy skills and why do students need them?  How is digital literacy different to simply knowing how to use tech resources?

This course will help you navigate the wide ranging topic of ‘digital literacy skills’ and make sense of how this translates to your context. We will consider what you or teachers in your school/college are already doing to promote digital literacy skills and how this can be developed further. How can the strands of digital literacy skills be promoted authentically and effectively embedded in teaching and learning? You will also consider what support and resources you need to move students’ digital literacy forward in your context. This course is suitable for teachers, learning coaches, advanced practitioners and anyone supporting blended and digital learning.

This course is presented by  Louise McIntyre, Learning Technology Team Leader at The Manchester College.


Task 1

Are you a ‘digital native’?  Take this quiz to find out.

Digital Literacy skills

Task 2

Watch this short video and, when prompted, take a moment to think about the skills or attributes that make someone ‘digitally literate’.

Press the space bar to pause/restart the video.

Developing students’ Digital Literacy skills

Task 3

Download this PDF worksheet.

Watch the video then annotate the worksheet with your own comments.

Ideas and Suggestions

Task 4

Compare your responses to the ideas and suggestions given in this section. How are you already modelling or embedding digital skills in your classroom, and what other activities or discussions could you include?


Task 5

Watch the video and reflect on the questions. Press the space bar to pause/restart the video.

Course feedback and certificate

Well done for reaching the end of this session. Please complete this form to receive your certificate of completion.