Integration of Planet eStream into Canvas at Bury College

Experiment title: Showcasing Performance and Embedding into Canvas


Intent:  To allow learners to showcase team and individual sports activities. Many learners are actively involved in elite pathway sport and using Planet eStream to capture this activity away from college allows additional specialised collection of assessment evidence. 


Implementation:  Many sport learners are actively engaged in a range of competitive sports in their own time.   These elite sports activities are captured on learners’ mobile devices at their own convenience and during opportunities of elite sport training and competition.


Impact:  The is process has facilitated learner diversity and holistic approaches to sport participation.  Capturing and embracing learners’ sport participation in elite pathway environments.  Making positive contributions to each learners’ elite pathway journey, encouraging professional skills for elite development.  This has encouraged learners to self-analyse their performances in the hope of focussed analysis and development.


Next Steps:  In order to provide learners with the opportunities to self-analyse and improve in their own sporting achievements, they will be encouraged to use Planet eStream as a development platform.  This will be cascaded to many other curriculum areas and courses in which the development of skills can be captured, analysed and constructive feedback offered.