Improving Homework Participation using MS Forms

Experiment Title: Improving Homework Participation using MS Forms (Computing)


IntentTo provide learners with structured learning resources that can be completed outside of lessons. 



  • This is partly based on ideas from GCSE and A Level mind set research which suggests aiming to cover topics at least 3 times during the year for best results in exams (In class, Homework, Exam Preparation, Assessments, Own/self-revision).
  • Microsoft Forms to be used to create a trackable learning and assessment out of college resource for each topic.
  • The forms included videos/websites/reading/diagrams followed by short multiple choice assessments.
  • Initially learners to be limited to one attempt for each resource. 
  • Learners are set a activity weekly in addition to the self-study/revision expectation.
  • Completion of the tasks are monitored and reported to the learners regularly.



  • The nature of the technology meant learners did not lose the resource and were able to complete it on any device (some chose to use their phone while traveling).
  • Scores were monitored and easily reviewed with individual learners. The “visible” nature of whether learners were actually completing the task improved the participation. 
  • After a few weeks the majority of the class were submitting on time and although sometimes late all were completing.
  • Learners requested “unlimited” submission access for exam preparation.


Next Steps:  

  • Continue to develop forms to cover the remaining unit content.
  • Investigate the use of sections to differentiate based on how learners answer questions.