Improving feedback turnaround times at Bury College

Experiment Title: Improving the feedback turnaround time for Level 3 multiple choice exams.


Intent: To provide learners with instant feedback when taking mock exams that are multiple choice in nature.



  • Available exam past papers were converted into Microsoft Forms that are self-marking.
  • A detailed reflection and review activity sheet was developed so learners can focus on learning topics they answered incorrectly.
  • Learners take the assessment and complete the reflection and review activity instantly while the assessment is fresh in their mind.
  • For monitoring and quality control purposes the reflection document was submitted to Canvas.



  • Learners were able to access their result instantly 
  • Learners can instantly focus on reflecting on their progress and targeting areas for improvement 
  • After being used as an assessment the Forms can be made available so learners can complete them as many times as they want for revision/practice purposes