External Examiner Access to Canvas

Experiment title:  External Examiner Access to Learner Assessment (Sampling)


Intent:  To grant access to external examiners and external verifiers to Canvas courses for them to view and experience the process of assessment submission, annotation, marking, grading and feedback using text, video and audio methods.


Implementation:   External examiners will contact the college and relevant curriculum areas within the sampling windows to access assignment briefs and learner evidence, grading and feedback to scrutinise quality assurance and, in particular, assessment decisions and grades awarded.  To fully experience and evaluate the submission, assessment, marking, grading and feedback process it is important that external examiners 


Impact:   Reduction in the time and effort taken to download learners evidence from Canvas and send to the external examiner, or scan/photocopy paper-based evidence.  Improved immersion of the external verifier in the actual platform and process of assessment and internal verification including the multimedia features, to fully embrace assessments decisions and effective feedback and grading.


Next Steps:   On initial contact with external examiners/verifiers we will continue to promote the varied and interactive nature of assessment through the Canvas VLE to fully embrace all elements of the marking, grading and feedback process.