Technical to Higher Technical in Construction - Post Event

Technical to Higher Technical in Construction
Employers and FE Colleges Round Tables Event

What was the purpose of this event?

This event  considered “How can FE colleges and employers address the technical and higher technical skills gaps in the construction sector across Greater Manchester and the wider region?”

In this discursive event, we considered current and future skills gaps at higher technical level, including immediate challenges, emerging issues and the specific skills required for future contracts. We considered the role of FE colleges in addressing the skills gaps and how, working together with key employers, we can better address the needs of the sector through:

  • Curriculum development – designing short courses, full curriculum and talent pipelines for the future – green agenda writ large!!
  • Supporting engagement of sub-contractors – upskilling the whole sector
  • Stimulating demand for short courses and long programmes – employees, adults and young people – who can do what?
  • Addressing diversity and equality – eg women in construction, aging workforce – careers of choice for young people and adults – changing perceptions

Preview Below: Gill Scott Presentation

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This short video presentation, of research by James Farr, gives a brief overview of current and predicted higher technical skills needs in the construction sector across Greater Manchester. Based on the most recent research, including analysis of the current pipeline of construction contracts across Greater Manchester, James highlights some areas for us to consider around digitalisation, retrofit, net zero, modern methods of construction and the potential skills needed for the workforce of the future.


This overview provided a useful introduction to our event and James also considers the role of FE colleges as providers of higher technical courses, historically and into the future. James expands further on his comments in the full research report, which will be finalised this week.

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