Theme: Assessment and Feedback - Driving Progress

Tue 5th July 2022

12:00 – 2:00 PM

GMCG Digital and Blended Learning Summer Lunch & Learn Event


What is the purpose of this working group?

We are looking at a key theme for our meeting around assessment and feedback to drive learning/progress.  We have an offer from Planet e-stream to join us and sponsor the event and I am hoping those of you using this platform will be happy to share their own experience.  As you know though it is not the platform but the pedagogy that is the key focus for us so please let me know what you will bring to the table on the theme of assessment.  Those of you using different tools/platforms and feel you are happy to share that would be great.  Some of the platforms we might want to look at include Nearpod, Century and MS Teams but just have a think and bring your thinking to the session.


Insights from the sector: 

Sharing Experiences: 

Looking Forward: