GMCG Digital and Blended Learning Project Showcase

Wed 9th March 2022 • 9:15am - 12:30am

Strengthening the FE Sector through collaboration

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Event Recording Part 2.

Leadership Insights

DBLC Insights

Welcome to our GMCG Digital and Blended Learning Project Showcase Event.

Over the past two years colleagues across all nine FE colleges across Greater Manchester, supported by the DfE College Collaboration Fund, have been working together to improve the quality of education through the effective and innovative use of digital technologies for learning.

From our emergency response, to helping teachers and students confidently use technology to support remote learning, during the second phase of our project we have worked together to continue to explore how technology can enable and enhance learning, addressing some of the challenges and gaps in knowledge, skills and behaviours, resulting from disrupted learning during the pandemic.

With a clear focus on improving the quality of education, curriculum and digital fluency for students and staff, we have worked at all levels from on the ground practitioners to senior leaders to create a dynamic network across our college communities.

At this event colleagues from across the colleges will showcase their activity, reflect on what they have learned and how this approach has impacted on students in their own college context.

Looking forward we will then consider what we take forward and how we further strengthen collaboration, across our colleges and wider partnerships, to continue to improve what we do so that all students gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need for success in work, higher level learning and life, in an increasingly complex and digital world.

Event Aims

· Showcasing and sharing lessons learned from CCF projects 2020-2022 on digital and blended learning

· Identifying benefits gained from the projects

· Collaborating to capture our insights on effective DBL implementation

· Taking the work forward sustainably: How do we future proof collaboration?

Date: Wednesday 9th March 2022Location: Online

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Schedule of Activity

Activity Owner
Joanne Miles
9.30Welcome and Event Housekeeping

Introduction to the event : Lisa O'Loughlin - Chair of The Greater Manchester Colleges Group & Principal of The Manchester College
Gill Scott and Joanne Miles
Lisa O’Loughlin
9.40The GMCG Digital Blended Project in overview

Intent, Implementation and ...... Impact?
Gill Scott - Click here for linkGill Scott
9.50Sharing Findings: Innovation and Collaboration
· The role of Digital Blended Learning Champions (DBLC's) in the project

· Key learning points on innovation and collaboration from DBLCs
Claire Collins - Click here for link

Helen Green - Click here for link

Stacey Salt - Click here for link
Claire Collins

Helen Green &
Stacey Salt
10.10Sharing Findings: Innovation and Collaboration
· Key learning points from the English project
Lisa-Jane Ashes - Click here for linkLisa-Jane Ashes
10.20Q&A slotJoanne Miles & Claire Collins
10.30 -
Comfort Break
10.40Project showcaseGMCG Supported ExperimentsJoanne Miles
10.55Breakout session 1: The Impact of Innovation

Sharing the impacts, challenges and solutions from our work on digital and blended learning

1. What was the impact on learners, teachers, middle managers and leaders of digital and blended learning innovations, including the intended/unexpected ones?​
2. What worked well or helped in terms of implementation?​
3. Where were there challenges and how did you tackle them?
Download PadletJoanne Miles and DBLC Facilitators
Comfort Break
Looking Forward to 2030: Digital Inclusion and Digital skills - A GMCA perspective
Q&A slot
GMCA - Click here for linkHarriet Jackson and Beena Puri
Breakout session 2: The Way Forward

Capturing the common characteristics of effective implementation for the future.

1. What does the future of digital and blended learning look like? Students will be confident in or will be able to….
2. Teachers will be confident in or will be able to….
3. Middle Leaders and Senior Leaders will be confident in or will be able to….
4. Colleges will………
Download PadletJoanne Miles and DBLC Facilitators
12.20Exit Pledges on Collaboration
Closing comments
Download Event ChatGill Scott &
Julia Heap - Principal of Hopwood Hall College & University Centre
12.30Close of Event