Digital Tools to Support Blended/Flipped Teaching, Learning and Assessment


Welcome to this EdTech course on Digital Tools to Support Blended/Flipped Teaching, Learning and Assessment​, by Deborah Brian (Advanced Practitioner) and Louise McIntyre (Learning Technology Team Leader) at The Manchester College.

This course is suitable for teachers, learning coaches, advanced practitioners and anyone supporting blended and digital learning.

Blended, flipped and asynchronous learning

Watch the video and jot down your ideas when prompted.

Planning a blended/flipped curriculum

Laurillard’s 6 Learning Types



Task: Watch the videos below on each of the 6 learning types, and use the document to make notes on how you might use different tools in your teaching.

1. Acquisition

2. Investigation

3. Collaboration

4. Discussion

5. Practice

6. Production

Tips and Takeaways

Course feedback and certificate

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