Canvas and Planet eStream: Chapterised Content at Bury College

Experiment title: Canvas Planet eStream Chapterised Content


Intent:  With a vast array of multimedia content available for teaching, learning and assessment in Planet eStream, much of which is quite lengthy, it is often the case that only small segments of the media content are required for tutor teaching and assessment.  These small segments or chapters, can be edited and integrated into Canvas learning modules, assignments, discussions, announcements.


Implementation:   Once the main media content has been downloaded and chapters have been created, these chapters can be additionally edited to incorporate action questions.  Once added to the chapter, it is uploaded into Canvas via the integration button on every design page.  Learners can then access the media content (answer the questions if used).  The chapterised media content can help with face to face, remote and blended teaching, learning and assessment, only using bite-sized, but focussed selections of a salient media topic.


Impact:  This has improved the quality of media content used for TLA, security (not YouTube temporary links), the interactivity (built into Canvas VLE with engaging questioning).


Next Steps:  We will continue to promote all curriculum areas to fully use media content and chapterisation to enhance their teaching, learning and assessment by providing more engaging resources for learners taping into their learning styles.