Recording Lessons to support lost learning at Bury College

Experiment title: Capturing (recording) Lessons in Planet eStream


Intent:  For tutors to record their taught sessions to allow learners access to their content, delivery, guidance at opportunities convenient to them.


Implementation:   Using the web recorder facility built into Planet eStream, a suitable stand or tripod and camera, mobile phone, laptop, tutors capture their taught sessions in their entirety.  This recording can be edited, chapterised (if required) and uploaded to Canvas, integrated into a linear learning module.  Learners access the lecture on their devices and participate in the activities also posted on Canvas using a blended learning approach.


Impact:  On many occasions, learners may have missed a lecture


Next Steps:  We are currently purchasing a Planet eStream module called ‘Live Streaming/Room Capture’ which will make the process of hardware setup and software integration more seamless.