Canvas Video Feedback at Bury College

Experiment Title: Tutor Video Based Feedback (A Level Art)


IntentTo reduce the marking turnaround time for learners when assessing large art portfolio style projects to maximise learning and time to make improvements.  To personalise the feedback for learners to replicate some elements of face to face feedback through the online platform.



  • Learners develop their projects using various creative techniques.
  • The project/portfolio is submitted to the teacher to be assessed.
  • The Teacher uses a video camera to walk through the submitted work and provide individualised verbal feedback



  • Learners receive detailed feedback in a much shorter time frame.
  • Leaners found the feedback is clear and obvious compared to a written feedback sheet
  • Learners have a clear understanding of what they have done well and how they can improve – they are more likely to watch the video that read a full page feedback sheet
  • Teacher marking/workload has been significantly reduced 
    • Previously one portfolio could take more than an hour and learners often asked for clarification.
    • A portfolio can now be completed in 5-10 minutes and learner require lesson 1to1 clarification.


What’s Next?:

There can be some technical challenges based on the devices tutors use.  There are variations in the quality (some videos are quiet) so the Art team are experimenting with different camera set ups and microphones.