Canvas Quizzes at Bury College

Experiment title:  Using Canvas Quizzes to reinforce learning


Intent:  Give learners the opportunity to complete differentiated quizzes to revise topics and reinforce learning covered in a classroom.


Implementation:   Quizzes are created on the Canvas platform with the ‘Classic Quizzes’ having far less functionality than the ‘New Quizzes’.  Depending on the type of questions used, the quizzes can be marked by the system with learners able to attempt the quiz multiple times until they achieve a grade as specified by the teacher.


Impact:  Learners had ample opportunity to complete these quizzes as homework or as a distance learning task.  Quizzes are marked automatically by Canvas thereby easing the workload while teachers can still moderate who has completed the quizzes and how successfully.  At times, some of the learners found the quizzes challenging as they appeared to be used to learning by rote, and were frustrated that the questions and answers did not appear in the same order.  


Next Steps:  Use Mastery Paths within Canvas to automate the progress from the easier quiz to the harder quiz so the harder quiz only becomes available to the learner once a specified mark is achieved on the simpler quiz.