Using Canvas question banks at Bury College

Experiment title:  Varying the content of Canvas quizzes to reinforce learning using Question / Item banks.


Intent:  To vary the order and questions learners get when completing quizzes so that learners will get questions in a different order or totally different questions to personalise learning.


Implementation:   There is the facility within Canvas to create a bank of questions from which a quiz will draw some or all of the questions for the learner to answer.  This allows for far greater flexibility and creates a far more robust assessment method.  As an example, a bank of 45 questions was created covering various pastoral topics and the quiz then selected 30 questions at random from the bank each time a learner started the quiz.  If the same learner starts the quiz again, the quiz will reselect 30 questions from the bank.


Impact:  The variety of questions maintains learner interest and prevents learning by rote.  Learners have found the quizzes more challenging because they have to work independently as they get different questions to their peers who start the quiz at the same time.  This means the assessment more robust and reliable.


Next Steps:  Share the question banks for subjects that are cross college (such as pastoral matters eg Safeguarding / Fundamental British Values etc) for consistency of assessment.