Canvas marking rubrics at Bury College

Experiment Title:  Canvas Marking Rubrics for Summative Assessment


Intent: Marking rubrics have been a standard assessment feature across HE courses for the past 2  to 3 years, but this has now been rolled out to many FE courses of all levels to help tutors to create, and learners to fully understand the assessment requirements and structure.


Implementation:  A number of centrally produced marking rubrics for vocational programmes have been created using awarding body structures (BTEC, UAL, EAL, OCR, HNC/HND).  Tutors creating online assignments can attach an existing rubric and adapt to the requirements on an individual unit/module assignment, or can create a rubric from scratch.  The rubric will list the assignment title, criteria and description, and achievement ratings.


Impact:  In an attempt to move away from paper-based assessment records (and therefore duplication of assessment information if online) many curriculum areas have adopted the use of marking rubrics (online marking assessment grid) to improve the transparency of the assessment process for tutors and learners.  Learners now have a clear, easily accessible and permanent record of the assessment outcomes, grade and criteria/learning outcome specific feedback.  This has enabled learners to keep closer track of their assessment progress and development.


Next Steps:  To ensure that marking rubrics are consistent across all course tutors in terms of implementation, structure and usage.