Improving Digital Skills at Bury College

Experiment title: Improving the Digital Skills of Learners Across College


Intent: To improve the digital skills of learners across college in order to prepare them with the skills to access college systems and be ready for work environments.



  • Develop a Digital Skills Canvas page with interactive modules.
  • Every learner at Bury College to be enrolled on the digital skills course.
  • Learners to be encouraged to complete these modules during induction and through the tutorial model.



  • All learners have access to resources that provide them with the skills to use college systems.
  • Digital tutorials are in one place for learners to make use of. 


Next Steps:  

  • Improve the consistency of engagement across college.
  • Integrate with the LRC services to provide small group face to face digital training that can be requested by learners or by group tutors.