Canvas Audio Feedback at Bury College

Experiment title: Canvas Assessment Audio Feedback


Intent:  To avoid assessment feedback becoming a process rather than an interactive collaboration designed to aid the progress and development of learners becoming autonomous independent learners, tutors have been using the audio feedback feature built into the Canvas Assignment feature of SpeedGrader.  Coupled with a marking rubric to clearly define the learning outcomes and criteria achieved, audio feedback personalises the feedback.



  • Learners develop their assignments using various creative techniques.
  • The project/portfolio is submitted to the teacher to be assessed.
  • The Teacher uses a video camera to walk through the submitted work and provide verbal feedback
  • Teacher marking/workload has been significantly reduced 
    • Previously one portfolio could take more than an hour and learners often asked for clarification.
    • A portfolio can now be completed in 5-10 minutes and learner require lesson 1to1 clarification.



Providing individualised feedback for learners to listen to upon receiving their submissions back, a format that transfers well on learner devices to give easier access to feedback.


Next Steps:  

This may not become a universal method of feedback tutors across curriculum areas as its use and effectiveness is subjective and based on tutor preference.  For project work, for example in UAL subjects of art and design, performing arts and music the continual reflective nature of incremental developments lends its self to regular audio and video feedback.